No longer do you have to use only one side of a bathtub. With a custom frameless bi-fold shower screen from Glass Accents you have full access to the bathtub. As you bath your children you have full access to watch over them. Also, no longer cleaning metal or watching it get discolored and corroded with gunk. When you have beautiful tile installed and your only option is to hide it behind a curtain or a framed slider – now you have another option. This design, also, has the ability to be completely opened especially if it’s a tight fit between the commode and bathtub. It is an elegant addition to your new bathroom, as well as, a practical solution to the dilemma of only 2 options – curtain or slider. Enjoy your tub once again with easy entrance and exit.

This has become a new addition to custom shower options for tubs. It folds to off full access to the tub without the hindrance of a standard slider shower door. It has no metal and is supported by the hinges with a sweep on the tub for smooth reclining when opened. It’s profile is simple and elegant for any bathroom.