Though we have the Custom Frameless Bi-Fold Screen for bathtubs sometimes they are no ways around having to choose a slider or bypass shower door. Each of our bathrooms presents the design needed to be the most functional. We want to provide a beautiful slider/bypass option that is frameless. We have many designs to choose from. We have sliders with one stationery panel and one moving panel which we call a “Single Bypass or Slider.” Also, we have two moving panels or “Double Bypass or Slider.” Either choice will add an elegant look to your bathroom. Many people refer to these slider/bypass options as a “barn style” shower or European shower. Now as with our Bi-Fold Screen you can show off the beautiful tile that you installed. Either of these options can be used in a shower or tub design. Let us show you the choices you have. Come into our showroom in Bend and look at what we can do for your new bathroom.

Standard sliders are used in many guest and hall bathrooms. This is an inexpensive way for most of these types of bathrooms. We do offer many styles and upgrades.